Current business solutions and implementations are not compatible with today’s business dynamics. The cost of delivering goods and services through traditional architecture is quickly spinning out of control, while the implementations themselves are becoming increasingly difficult to adapt.

The next stage of modernization is dependent upon a business’ ability to continuously and rapidly translate business dynamics into dynamic implementation. URM GROUP helps companies confidently identify and undertake the profound change that is required to correlate the structure of a business to a reality characterized by continuous change in mixes, functionality, behavior, sophistication and complexity.

Model-Based Architecture

Through a goal oriented methodology that follows the principles of computer-aided design (CAD), referred to as Model-based Architecture (MBA), we help companies design future-proof architecture and validate that the proposed strategy will continuously meet business cost, scalability and performance requirements.

By continuously emulating partial constructs of a system until it is fully defined, our MBA method ensures that sufficient time and information is provided to system stakeholders so that any risks can be resolved before moving to the next step of system definition or implementation.


Architecture strategies must evolve to better meet business demands for innovation and deliver real value to their organizations.

URM GROUP helps X-Act® platform users become pragmatic change agents by using advanced modeling and what-if capabilities to expose risks across business lines, propose new operating and customer models and innovate to better meet dynamic business requirements, cut costs, improve efficiency and take advantage of emerging trends and technologies.

Validate Benefits of Planned Changes

URM GROUP helps companies validate whether planned changes will actually meet business requirements and goals.

Whether the organization wants to align revenue to mark-up cost, regenerate a value chain, do more for less, or initiate a fundamental change in processes, corporate structure or infrastructure, X-Act® platform can be used to prove that a proposed architecture will meet business goals before any investments in implementation are made.

Mitigate Risk

We help companies manage risks and determine the optimal path towards efficient, lean, and cost-effective implementation before significant resources are dedicated to any transformation project.

Our MBA approach helps businesses reduce the impact of dynamic complexity by removing the interdependencies as far as possible, moving the interactions to the technology level, and selecting the right technology to satisfy the business requirements, which include non-functional and discriminant factors.

Achieve More for Less

We have helped clients in many highly critical industries achieve 5 to 10 times the volume of traditional architecture for the same or less resources with a much higher quality of service.

To maintain these advantages, architecture produced through mathematical emulation can be maintained using the same emulator. This allows users to keep the foundational principles intact and reduce/anticipate any possible aging due to adaptation, technology upgrade or redundancies.